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Yes2Nutrition LLC is about:


RETHINK. Rethink what you eat, how you eat, and when you eat. Rethink your meals to be the most fulfilling and energizing they can be. 

RESHAPE. Reshape your eating habits to ensure lifelong progression and health. Reshape your mind to remove cravings and unhealthy habits. 

TRANSFORM. Transform your mind and body into the HEALTHIEST it can be! 


Caylen Cavazos

Hello Everyone! My name is Caylen Cavazos and I am a Registered Dietitian, founder of Yes2Nutrition LLC, offering nutrition coaching services in the Dallas, Texas/Metroplex area. While it is hard to change your eating patterns, as a nutrition expert, I am here to help you say "Yes2" to a healthier YOU in a positive, fun, and sustainable way. ​Take this step and jump-start your nutrition journey TODAY!


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Yes2Nutrition LLC offers Individual Nutrition Coaching via in-person and HIPAA-compliant virtual sessions.


Yes2Nutrition LLC Nutrition Coaching Service

Caylen Cavazos RD, LD

P: 214- 668- 9163

E: yes2nutritiontx@gmail.com


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